Welcome to the smorgasbord! I hope you find it delicious and nourishing. Why smorgasbord? Well, because I hope to provide you a well-rounded feast with this ol’ newsletter here. We get expert advice from people all across the industry, flavored with my own particular double focus on kid lit and middle age romance.

What will this buffet include?

  • Insider interviews to help with inspiration, research, writing, and the business of publishing.

  • Detailed behind-the-scenes stories and research from the writing life.

  • Book, TV, and movie recommendations (the best stuff, of course!)

  • Badly drawn (but goodly silly) comics

  • Classroom resources and videos for teachers.

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A lil about me:

I’m an award-winning author that loves humor and heart, and my books are called WHAT STARS ARE MADE OF, BREATHING UNDERWATER, and THE NIGHTMARE HOUSE. My next book, MONSTER TREE, comes out in September! I write about quirky, earnest, and disabled/neurodiverse characters, and often STEM too!

I live in Orlando, Florida, fifteen minutes from the Magic Kingdom. I have two cats called Morticia and Timicin (anybody know what that’s from?) I just think the world is really cool, and love sharing stories real and otherwise. On one side I write stories for kids, and my idols are Steve Irwin, Shel Silverstein, Weird Al, Gary Larson, Gary Schmidt, and Beverly Cleary. On the other side I write stories and scripts about middle aged people falling in love, and my idols are Fredrik Bachman, Richard Curtis, Nora Ephron, Dave Barry, Helen Simonson, and Connie Willis.

Join me?

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Award-winning author: WHAT STARS ARE MADE OF, BREATHING UNDERWATER, THE NIGHTMARE HOUSE, and MONSTER TREE (9/3). I make silly drawings & songs & snuzzle cats.